Privacy Policy


By allowing your likeness, image and/or voice (whether in photograph / video / audio recording / other media) (“the Personal Data”) to be taken at our events, you are deemed to have given your consent for Beatty Alumni, our affiliates, agents, and service providers the right to collect, use, store, edit, alter, copy, exhibit or otherwise process your likeness, image and/or voice in any publicity materials.

During our event, photography, sound recording, videotaping, and filming may be conducted for use in our publicity materials such as our website, brochures, email direct mailers and social media (“the Uses”).


Your consent extends to materials produced in all languages, media, and formats (including print, electronic and/or social media channels), and shall continue indefinitely. You acknowledge that unless otherwise expressly agreed, you shall have no proprietary claim over any of the publicity materials and there shall be no compensation for your participation in our events and/or the Uses.

If you wish to withdraw the above consent, please write to the Data Protection Officer at following the receipt of which we will take steps to cease the Uses within 30 days. Please note that such withdrawal shall not affect the rights granted to Beatty Alumni for the Uses prior to receipt of such withdrawal.

We may retain the Personal Data for other purposes to which the consent has not been withdrawn and for our legal purposes for up to 7 years after the original purposes for which the Personal Data was collected have ceased to be applicable, unless otherwise required by law.


You can request for information on what Personal Data of yours we have and how it is being used and disclosed for the last 12 months before the date of your request. We may have to ask for information or supporting documentation to verify your identity to ensure the security of Personal Data.

We may also charge you a reasonable administration fee. You also have the right to request correction of your Personal Data.

You may make your request to withdraw your consent, access or correct your Personal Data by writing to the Data Protection Officer at Please allow up to 30 days for us to investigate and respond substantively to your request.